Monthly Safety Topic - Workplace Ergonomics

Safety Topic of the Month - HAZCOM & Safety Data Sheets

HAZCOM Labels and SDS are an important resource for workplaces and workers to help you learn more about the product (s) used.  Use this information to identify the hazards of the products you use and to protect yourself from those hazards, including safe handling and emergency measures. 

For your safety, all clients and DOW employees should know where the RED SDS Binder is located at all times and aware of its' contents. 

Safety Topic of the Month - Health, Hygiene, & Flu Protection

Tips for avoiding the flu this season:

· Wash your hands.

· Avoid close contact with people that are sick.

· Drink lots of water.

· Cover your mouth and nose.

· Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

· Get plenty of sleep.

· Get a flu shot!

       Remember, by following these simple health and hygiene tips, you just may stop the flu from catching you this season!

Safety Topic of the Month - Hazard Recognition

    A safety hazard is something that has the potential to cause an injury.  It can range in severity from a minor scratch or bruise to broken bones, internal injuries or even death.  Injuries are usually the result of accidents.  A prime example would be a fall due to a wet floor.

    A health hazard is something that has the potential to cause a negative health effect where the health of the worker is impaired.  An adverse health effect might be a minor skin rash, or it might be a life-threatening disease like lung cancer.  That’s why you’ll never see a skull and crossbones on any chemicals at DOW Building Services.          

    Janitors can come in contact with all kinds of hazardous situations every day.  What’s important is that you keep yourself safe and all the people you come in contact with safe and accident free too.  Please do your part this month to promote a healthy and safe workplace at DOW.

Safety Topic of the Month - MRSA & Staph Infection

This is one important safety topic for all of us at DOW, especially because we are a Janitorial company full of employees who clean up after other people.

MRSA is an acronym for a long, fancy name of a very serious infection that is resistant to traditional antibiotics.  Most of us are more familiar with “stapf” bacteria that we unknowingly carry in us everyday.  MRSA on the other hand, is far more serious and definitely needs our attention, especially in the cleaning business we’re in.

It’s common for infected people to come to work whether they know they are infected or not.  That’s why daily professional cleaning of the workplace is very important.   Prevention—Practice good hygiene, here are a few examples:

· Wash your hands frequently.

· Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when washing is not possible.

            · Keep cuts and scrapes clean and covered to avoid contact with bacteria.

Protect yourself, it’s for your Safety!


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