May's Employee of the Month is Donnie Jackson

     Here’s what DOW's Area Supervisor in Conway, Nerak Smith, has to say about Donnie Jackson.  “I am very fortunate to have Donnie here in Conway.  He is always on time and rarely misses his scheduled shifts.  Donnie is always willing to step up and help with extra work and he never complains.  In addition, Donnie is always professional and kind to tenants at the facilities where he works and they enjoy having him around”.

     Nerak goes on to say, “it is a honor to select Donnie as Employee of the Month because he embodies a lot of those qualities that we look for, such as high work ethic, positive attitude, and availability, just to name a few”.  Thank you, Donnie for all of your hard work, and congratulatulations on this recognition!

April's Employee of the Month is Keith Dreggors

     Let’s all congratulate Keith Dreggors for being named Employee of the month for April.  Keith works for DOW at the Baxter Healthcare facility in Mountain Home.  Keith works on the 3rd shift at Baxter, doing various jobs to help keep the facility looking good.  

     His Supervisor, Gary Mitchell says, “Keith always does his job in a professional and timely manner, doing often times much more than what is expected.  His peers often talk highly of his work, and he is well liked and has a great attitude for his position”.  

    We at DOW are extremely fortunate and appreciative of Keith and his work ethic, and he highly deserves being selected for this award.  Thanks so much for your efforts, Keith!

Janitorial Know How - The Top 10 Things Most Cleaning Companies Forget to Clean

     Businesses try their best to keep the workplace clean. They make sure that dusting and vacuuming is done regularly and often will hire professional cleaning services to ensure the offices are clean.   But unless you hire the best, there are certain areas that usually get missed.  DOW Building Service’s commercial cleaning and janitorial maintenance experience has shown us that there are quite a few specific areas around the workplace that get overlooked. You might not notice it if you work in the environment every day, but chances are they are glaringly obvious to guests and potential customers who visit, and trust me, they won’t go unnoticed.  To follow are the 10 most common areas in your commercial business that are overlooked.

1) Door knobs and switch plates

     Door knobs and switch plates are touched hundreds if not thousands of times throughout the workday. They are prone to be dirty not just by dust and grime but also by harmful germs from visitors and employees.  If knobs and switches are not cleaned effectively and routinely, the spread of illness is much more likely to occur.

2) Furniture and Upholstery

     If you turn over the cushion on the couch by your front desk, the amount of dirt and dust accumulation just might take you back. Typically, what is visible on the front size is cleaned and well maintained, but harmful germs will still live underneath.

3) Behind printers and copy machines

     Next time you make a copy or print out a document, examine the printer closely.  Look behind it and in the small crevices. What you see may alarm you. Modern copiers and printers are faster than ever and can generate lot of miniscule particles, which gathers around these machines. Without a proper and careful cleaning by an expert, these particles will build up and could even damage the long-term functionality of the machine.

4) High Dusting

     Some people just never look up.  Cobwebs can form in corners and dust collects on artwork and the like.  Another task, when done periodically by a professional cleaning company, keeps your building looking like it’s cared for.  It’s on DOW’s monthly rotation.

5) Walls

     Walls and corners behind open doors tend to be overlooked frequently. And walls with texture or wallpaper tend to have more dust attached to them then painted walls. Only the most astute cleaning companies will ensure they are thoroughly cleaned.

6) Stairs and Elevators

     Stairways and elevators attract a ton of foot traffic and accumulate lots of dirt and grime from shoes. The worst collector of all are elevator tracks located on each floor that the elevator serves.  They must be cleaned regularly to keep the elevator and most importantly, your building looking clean.  It's on DOW's rotation!

7) Office Chairs

     During the rainy season, we carry lots of yuck on our shoes and this often parks itself at the base of office chairs. It makes your desk chair susceptible to dust and germs if not carefully cleaned.

8) Office Plants

     Plants, both real and artificial, attract dust and cobwebs that cling to them. Live plants shed leaves, which can unfortunately add to your office’s untidy appearance.  Either have your plants cleaned regularly or you’d be better served to replace them periodically.

9) Vents

     Heating vents and ceiling vents are probably the most disregarded parts of any commercial space unless you hire DOW Janitorial to clean them on a monthly basis.

10) Light Fixtures

     Light fixtures quietly gather dust, which both dulls their shine over time and can cause health concerns for employees, especially those with allergies or asthma. Additionally, bugs are very attracted to these fixtures and, over time, dead bugs can be found in and around them. Let’s face it, no one in the office wants to see or deal with that.  An experienced commercial cleaning service like DOW is necessary to ensure clean light fixtures.  At DOW, you can schedule periodic cleaning of your light fixtures and put those worries behind you. 

If you want to learn more about how DOW can maintain your facility the proper way, call DOW Building Services at 800-791-2902!

Employee of the Month goes to Barbara Yakish

     Congratulations to March’s Employee of the Month, Barbara Yakish.   Barbara works for DOW as a Floater out of the Hot Spring Branch.  Barbara covers the 45+ buildings that are here in Hot Springs, filling in for absent employees and doing detail work to make our buildings shine.

     Barbara’s Manager, Andrew Klich, has this to say about Barbara. “Barbara is a great asset to us here in Hot Springs, she always shows up on time, and is willing to give 110% every night”.

     Thank you Barbara, for your hard work and dedication.


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